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The Boring RPG, reloaded

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The browser game The Boring RPG (reloaded) is the simplest RPG ever! You just have one PLAY button ;) You still have to manage your inventory and select a class.

Acknowledgement: This is a revival of the PHP browser game "The Boring RPG" by Andypants

Updates and discussions on Reddit r/boringrpg

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  • mobile & desktop friendly, pinnable on home screen
  • ~160 random adventures
  • ~100 achievements
  • tons of random weapons, armor and encounters
  • in-game chat
  • savegame editor included



  • Because it's fun
  • Because I like RPGs
  • Because this game blew my mind when I discovered it. I taught me that I didn't need to have a huge feature set/creep to write a funny RPG

What is the use of logging in?

For now (2019/02) none BUT will save your game and allow social features (guilds etc.) in the future

Is my game saved in the cloud? Is it synchronised between devices?

NOT YET You can backup your game locally by copy/pasting the savegame from the internal editor.

special/cheat codes

Codes are case insensitive, space insensitive. Enter them in the burger menu.

  • BORED once a day, when you have exhausted your energy, you can gain a free extra energy by entering this code
  • ALPHATWINK if you are/were an alpha player, you will gain a set of random legendary weapons (redeemable once)
    • NOTE this code will note be retained if you get reborn. In this case, just redeem it once again.


  • TESTNOTIFS test the notification system
  • TESTACH test the achievement system. You'll gain a secret achievement.
  • REBORN reset your game, retain your name and class then replay as many good and bad times as you previously did. Your new game should be the same but may diverge from the previous time if the code changed (ex. new adventures, bug fixes)
    • note: this feature was coded for salvaging games during the alpha. It's rudimentary and will not retain the secret special achievements or codes. You may have to redeem or re-unlock them again.
  • REBORNX same as above, but will re-seed your game so that it'll end up completely different from the previous one

Easter eggs



Note: secret achievements are not counted in your achievement completion rate until you unlock them.

  • one secret achievement if you change you name to mine (Offirmo)
  • one secret achievement if you are lucky = randomly gained on activity
  • one secret achievement need to be unlocked manually with the game editor
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