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Kiosk for student device support in Ruby
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Kiosk for student device support in Ruby

What does it do?

kiosk-rb provides a streamlined solution for an in-school kiosk for student device support, allowing students to submit issues that they encounter and technicians to log and manage these support requests.


  • Simple per-school configuration
  • ServiceDesk Plus integration
  • Web-based user interface for remote access
  • Student/administrator privileges
  • Sticker printing for submitted tickets

ServiceDesk Plus Integration:

kiosk-rb uses the ServiceDesk Plus REST API in order to allow technicians to escalate tickets to a full-featured ServiceDesk Plus appliance. Ticket escalation is done through the '/sdpapi/request' POST end-point. The following fields are submitted:

  • Mode: "KIOSK"
  • Assets: Ticket asset tag
  • Group: "IT School Interns"
  • Category: "Student 1:1 Devices"
  • Subcategory: "Hardware"
  • Item: "Unable to browse"
  • Subject: Ticket title
  • Description: " (requested by via )"
  • RequestTemplate: "Unable to browse"
  • Priority: "Normal"
  • Site: Config site_title
  • Level: "Tier 3"
  • Status: "open"
  • Service: "Email"

Configuration Options:

  • connection:
    • adapter: Type of database being used (default sqlite3)
    • database: Name of database file (default kiosk.db)
  • site_name: The name of installation site on ServiceDesk (i.e. your school)
  • site_title: The website title (e.g. "Riverwood Geek Squad")
  • min_description_length: The minimum amount of characters for an issue description submitted by students
  • initial_users: The number of administrator account keys to create on the first run of the program
  • printer_name: The name of the sticker printer in CUPS
  • sdp: The base URL to your ServiceDesk Plus installation
  • sdpToken: The API key for your ServiceDesk Plus installation
  • secret: The secret token used to encrypt session data


  • Generate an API key using ServiceDesk Plus
  • Install an operating system compatible with CUPS (recommended: Alpine Linux)
  • Install Ruby, Sqlite3, CUPS
  • Configure your default printer using CUPS
  • If using external storage media, create a kiosk account with a home directory on the external media
  • Set all necessary options in the config.yml file
  • Run sqlite3 kiosk.db <models/schemas/sqlite.sql to initialize the database
  • Run bundle install to install all necessary packages for the program
  • Start the program with rackup (recommended: make the program run on startup using your init system)
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