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Contains open-source software provided by ImageMagick Studio LLC



  • Windows-only for the time being
  • All "simple" image formats like .png, .jpeg, .bmp are supported
  • .psd works, but I can't guarantee that image formats generated by other image-editing software work too

FlxSpriter is a tool designed to complement various image-editing software. It allows you to view the resulting animation of the sprite you're editing on the fly.


  • Sprite live-reload: Just keep on drawing, FlxSpriter will update its own copy of the graphic in a split second
  • Handles all sorts of formats: FlxSpriter converts your image to .png silently when it live-reloads, so you can continue editing in your image-editing software
  • Always-on top window (launch with windowTopMost.exe and toggle on/off with Ctrl-Space): Allows you to see the animation without switching windows
  • XML data: All of your sprite's metadata is parsed from a single XML file
  • Multiple sprites and animations at a time
  • Change background color, animation speed, or pause an animation and navigate individual frames


Check out the "sample" directory. To import a sprite, select the "File" menu, and then select "import sprite". Finally, select the XML file you need. Here's an example of XML sprite metadata: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <data> <opt bgColor="0x000000" scale="3" /> <img src="charsPsd.psd" width="32" height="32" /> <anim name="idle" rate="12" frames="24, 25, 26, 27" /> </data>

  • bgColor: the color displayed under the sprite
  • scale: X and Y scale multiplier
  • src: the image's path (relative to the XML file)
  • width and height: sizes of an individual frame, not of the entire spritesheet
  • name: make sure the animation names are unique
  • rate: animation's frames per second
  • frames: comma-separated list of frame IDs (frame 0 is at the top-left, frame 1 is to the right of frame 0)


  • Test complex image formats
  • Linux + Mac builds


Tool designed to complement various image-editing software (for spritesheet animators)



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