Helper functions for prototypical inheritance in JavaScript
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Heir npm

Helper functions for prototypical inheritance in JavaScript.

Use the source code and JSDoc comments as documentation, here's a quick example to get you started.

const heir = require('heir')

// Create the base class.
function Base() {}

// Add a method. = function () {
  return 'Base#foo'

// Create a sub class which inherits from base.
function Sub() {}
heir.inherit(Sub, Base)

// Mix in some functionality enhancing objects.
heir.mixin(Sub, events)
heir.mixin(Sub, pooling)

// Change the original method. = function () {
  return [
  ].join(', ')

// Create an instance of Sub and call it's method.
const s = new Sub() // Returns "Sub#foo, Base#foo"


This project is given to you under the unlicense, as documented in the UNLICENSE file in this directory. Enjoy.