Objc naming conventions, autogenerated accessors at runtime, URL substitutions and intelligent attribute mapping
Objective-C Ruby
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AFRESTfulCoreDataBackgroundQueue Cleanup. Jul 1, 2014
SLRESTfulCoreData.xcworkspace Using existingObjectWithID:error: in managedObjectCollector. May 24, 2014
SLRESTfulCoreData Minor bug fix for custom identifiers. Jul 3, 2014
Tests Cleanup. Jul 1, 2014
.gitattributes initial commit. Apr 7, 2013
.gitignore Adds new testing infrastructure. May 19, 2013
.travis.yml Removing xctool. Feb 15, 2014
CHANGES deleteToURL:completion: immediatly deletes the object and restores it… Mar 5, 2014
README.md Deprecation. Aug 12, 2014
Rakefile Allowing nil substitution values in production. Apr 22, 2014
SLRESTfulCoreData.podspec Deprecation. Aug 12, 2014



SLRESTfulCoreData has been deprecated by CloudBridge.