Tool for Processing3. Choose from 3 to 7 colors from CIE Lab or Lch with different graphic tools
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What the project does

PCP is a colorpicker that use a background to display different color plans from CIE Lab and LcH color spaces i.e. a/b, b/L, a/L, c/H, c/L, H/L. The third coordinate which is not in the plane define it in the colors volume. It can vary with slider as a constant or as a gradient. Upon these background you can use different tools i.e. segment, spline, polygon, related or palette to choose set of colors. Colors coordinates can be display in CIE Lab, CIE LcH, WEB, sRGB code. You can snapshot the whole user interface or just the color palette with coordinates as png file. You can also save in the clipboard the web codes.

Why the project is useful

The project is useful because standard colorpicker use colorspaces that are not adapted to the human vision of colors. They should not be used in graphic software to choose color scheme :

alt text

How users can get started with the project

Perceptual Colorpicker is a tool for Processing3. Download it from

Where users can get help with your project :

help manual is at

Who maintains and contributes to the project

Olivier Vicario