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During encryption the original filename will be included in the Encrypted Packet (also encrypted of course).

When the Encrypted Packet is subsequently decrypted the filename is extracted and used when writing the data to disk.

This will prevent the user requiring knowledge of the file type etc when decrypting it and also prevent information leakage if the sender was to specify the appropriate details.

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This is the initial release of the Personal Encryptor utility which was developed as an exercise to demonstrate the ease with which encryption can be used.

With this version users can

  • Generate Key Pairs
  • Encrypt individual files into a format which is safe for standard data transport mechanisms, e.g. USB key or Email
  • Decrypt encrypted data back into the original file

To use this release:

  • Download and extract the files to a suitable location on your PC
  • Open a Command Prompt and navigate to the newly created folder
  • Run the commands based on those in the ReadMe file.