A Dell warranty module that takes a CSV file input and outputs an object of results
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A Dell warranty module that takes a CSV file input and outputs an object of results.


This module can be installed from the PowerShellGet Gallery, You need WMF 5 to use this feature.

# To install DellWarranty, run the following command in the PowerShell prompt in Administrator mode:
Install-Module -Name DellWarranty


The API key must be specified with each request, this can be achieved with the 'APIKey' parameter. You can request an API key from Dell at http://en.community.dell.com/dell-groups/supportapisgroup there is a PowerPoint file in the 'Get Started' link that gives you information on how to request one.

You can setup a default paramenter value in your script or PowerShell profile as;

$PSDefaultParameterValues = @{'Get-DellWarranty:APIKey'='abcdefg123456789abcdefgh12345678'}

The API key will be then used as the default option, the below examples assume you have done this.


A simple lookup (For testing you can use asset tags Test1 and Test2 these will give valid responses)

Get-DellWarranty Test1

Looking up multiple assets

'Test1','Test2' | Get-DellWarranty

Looking up multiple assets from a CSV file, you must have the headers 'Hostname' and 'AssetTag'

Get-DellWarranty -InputObject (Import-Csv MyMachines.csv)

Looking up multiple assets from a CSV file and then exporting results to CSV

Get-DellWarranty -InputObject (Import-Csv MyMachines.csv) | Export-Csv Results.csv -NoTypeInformation

Calling a WMI query to a remote machine and returning the results

Get-WmiObject -Class win32_bios -ComputerName DellComputerHostname | Get-DellWarranty