Simple SQL database viewer for Qt Creator IDE
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Qt Creator SQL database viewer plugin


Plugin allows to view databases, supported by QtSql module.



  1. Add several database connections with different drivers or connection options.
  2. Browse tables list, table's data and schema.
  3. Execute sql query.
  4. Copy table's or query's contents to clipboard.


Plugin based on Timo Bingmann's QtSqlView application


Binaries can be downloaded from github releases.


IMPORTANT: plugin's version must match Qt Creator's version (difference in last digit is acceptable)

From source

  1. Change paths.pri:
  • set QTCREATOR_SOURCES = path to Qt Creator source dir (with
  • set IDE_BUILD_TREE = path to compiled Qt Creator dir (with bin,lib,libexec,...)
  1. Compile plugin.

From binaries

  1. Extract/copy files from archive into Qt Creator's dir (archive already contains proper paths).
  2. Enable plugin in Help->Modules menu.

More info

Additional information can be obtained here (in russian)