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OnePageCRM converts the complexity of a CRM system to a simple to-do list. For more information on OnePageCRM please visit our website.

OpenAPI 3 Compliance

We've rebuilt the OnePageCRM API documentation from the ground up to be cleaner, simpler and to comply with the OpenAPI Spec 3.

Here is a list of tools for working with OpenAPI e.g. client SDK generation (free to use any or all of these tools with the OnePageCRM spec).

In rewriting this documentation we have exposed lots of new features of the API - we hope you enjoy using them!

Changes (non staff)

If you think our docs could be clearer, notice any issues, or if you have trouble using the API, please let us know.

You can open a ticket in this repo, the Developer site repo, or our Developer Forum and one of our developers will get to it when time allows.

Alternatively, if you would like to make the changes yourself, we'd love to accept pull requests! Just fork the repo, make your changes and submit a pull request related to the ticket you've opened.

Useful Links

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