openEO (core) API to connect various clients with EO cloud back-ends in a simple and unified way.
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openEO API

openEO develops an open API to connect R, python and javascript clients to big Earth observation cloud back-ends in a simple and unified way. This repository contains this API, the openEO (core) API.


The openEO (core) API is currently released in version 0.3.

Note: The specification is currently still an early version, with the potential for some major things to change. The core is now fleshed out, so implementors are encouraged to try it out and give feedback. But the goal is to actually be able to act on that feedback, which will mean changes are quite possible. A solid basis is specified right now, but best practices, extensions and specification details will emerge with implementation.

Version / Branch Status Description
0.0.1 (Spec) legacy First draft with basic ideas, loosely implemented.
0.0.2 (Spec) legacy Proof of concept, implemented.
0.3.0 (Spec) current Currently in implementation by clients and back-ends. Major rework.
0.3.1 (Spec) planned Fixing minor issues, see the changelog.
0.4.0 (Spec) planned Planned to add data set and process descriptions and an extension concept.

See also the milestones for a rough roadmap based on GitHub issues.


This repository contains a set of files formally and technically describing the openEO API, each with a human-readable and easily browseable version: