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OpenEO Geopyspark Driver


Python version: 3.5

This driver implements the GeoPySpark/Geotrellis specific backend for OpenEO.

It does this by implementing a direct (non-REST) version of the OpenEO client API on top of GeoPySpark.

Currently implemented features

  • Listing available layers through /openeo/data
  • Synchronous execution, with /openeo/execute
  • Asynchronous: Not implemented
  • Download of image as geotiff
  • Timeseries computation
  • Band math
  • Temporal min/max compositing
  • Basic viewing with TMS (early prototype)

A REST service based on Flask translates incoming calls to this local API.

Operating environment dependencies

This backend has been tested with:

  • A Spark on Yarn cluster
  • Accumulo as the tile storage backend for Geotrellis
  • Other Geotrellis backends such as S3 should also work with minor modifications.

Public endpoint

Not available yet

Running locally

Preparation: A few custom Scala classes are needed to run this project, these can be found in this jar: Geopyspark will search for any jar in the 'jars' directory and add it to the classpath. So make sure that this jar can be found in the correct location.

For development, you can run the service using Flask: export FLASK_APP=openeogeotrellis/ export SPARK_HOME=/usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/pyspark FLASK_DEBUG=1 flask run

For production, a gunicorn server script is available: PYTHONPATH=. python openeogeotrellis/

Running on the Proba-V MEP

The web application can be deployed by running: sh scripts/ This will package the application and it's dependencies from source, and submit it on the cluster. The application will register itself with an NginX reverse proxy using Zookeeper.