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Project Nytro is bringing ERC-20 like tokens to Nyzo blockchain.
7 seconds block time, fast finality and very low fees.

About Nyzo

Nyzo is a unique blockchain with unique features, based upon a cycle relying on Proof of Diversity.

Its architecture brings some strong guarantees vs usual blockchains.

Read more at:

Tokens and NFTs on Nyzo

Nyzo does not come with embedded smart contract - and may not need their overhead.
However, it has a convenient "data" field that can be used for anything.

Leveraging experience with Bismuth execution model, Iyomisc and NyzoSy proposed to specify and implement a layer-2 protocol on top of Nyzo, so Tokens could be issued and managed.
This was NCFP-17

Relying on a layer-2 protocol means:

  • No change needed to the verifiers code, they continue to process transactions as usual
  • Inherit the speed of final transactions Nyzo comes with
  • Ability to send transactions with minimal fees, 0.000001 Nyzo

The first technical document and reference implementation was released on January 23, 2021. One month after its approval.
It came with a full featured Tokens explorer, Online Helpers, APIs, Faucet and a command line wallet support.

More than expected, a full ecosystem from day One!

The Nytro protocol

We designed the protocol to be as simple as possible, while maximizing the possible use cases and compatibility.
While not using smart contract language, we kept most of the ERC-20 features.

The directory will also grow with more info.


A Token and NFT explorer is available at


We are willing to help anyone willing to integrate the Nytro protocol.
See implementations/tokens for a reference Python implementation and test tool.
We will happily reference alternate implementations.

See for recommended guidelines.
These are not part of the protocol and not enforced, but following them will make sure all usages are consistent, allow for easier interoperability, and allow your NFTs to be visible on upcoming marketplaces.

A Nyzo.Today API is available, see

Test vectors are also provided, see /test_vectors.


V2.02 - 2021-07-25 - Update to API doc in reference PDF, Added NFT Data storage guidelines.

V2.01 - 2021-07-25 - Update to API doc, API now supporting NFT specific endpoints.

V2.01 - 2021-07-13 - NFT Protocol document, Release v2.01 - Update to helpers and initial fees.
NFT Class issuance fee is set as 300 Nyzo.

V2.0 - 2021-07-02 - NFT Protocol document, First Version released

V1.1 - 2021-06-30 - Limit Max len of token name to 10 chars, add optional comment to somme commands, allow burn to any Nyzo address.

Draft - 2020-06-10 - NFTs Draft

V1.0 - 2020-12-23 - Initial release


The FAQ section will be created and updated with user questions.
You can reach us on the Nyzo Discord, @Iyomisc and @NyzoSy.
Please do not use the github as discussion or question support, and reserve it for development, code, integration support.

We plan to run an AMA on the discord ASAP.


Thanks to z0rn and Gigison who supported and helped during development, as well as all Nyzo users and cycle owner so quickly voting for NCFP-17.

We are confident project Nytro will trigger interest in Nyzo and give birth to new use cases and exposure.

Your help - yes, yours, whoever you are - is crucial to have Nyzo and its features known to a wider audience.
Talk about Nyzo, communicate over use cases and Nyzo specifics: You are the voice of Nyzo, Nyzo needs all of you and may reward you!


Project Nytro is bringing ERC-20 like tokens to Nyzo blockchain. 7 seconds finality and very low fees.







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