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SYNTHESE is a public transportation server.

It provides network modeling, passenger information, DRT reservation, CMS, real time data updating, and operations optimization. Detailed description of SYNTHESE capabilities are available here.

  • server: contains eveything needed to build SYNTHESE server binary itself.
  • packages: contains CMS applications commonly deployed into SYNTHESE.
  • robot: contains SYNTHESE high level functional tests.
  • legacy: mostly deprecated stuff.

More specific instructions may be given in each subfolder.


SYNTHESE is coded in C++ using the Boost library. Developer documentation is available here.


Public releases and snapshot builds can be found here

Configuration management

  • A modification should be done in a feature branch
  • A "merge commit" is done from the feature branch to master and should refer to a ticket
  • A minimum set of work should be shown for the feature (automatic test, robot test or manual process described in the ticket)
  • A pushed commit should not break the build process (compilation, link) or automatic tests
  • If a regression is discovered on a feature, it will be reverted until a better solution is obtained