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OpenACC Lectures and Code Samples


The goal of this project is to learn from each other on how to use OpenACC. Sharing lecture materials and sample codes amongst us will enable each of us to actively engage the OpenACC user community and educate them to learn on how to create a portable scientific code using OpenACC without compromising on performance and accuracy.

Contribution Guidelines

The has further guidelines on how to make your contributions to the repository. Please go through them carefully before getting started.

Contributed Lecture Materials

Contributed Sample Codes


Main Contributor: William Killian - University of Delaware
Based off work by: Louis-Noel Pouchet - Ohio State University
This benchmark suite is partially derived from the PolyBench benchmark suite developed by Louis-Noel Pouchet and available at
Codes are separated into the following categories: data mining, linear-algebra/kernels, linear-algebra/solvers, and stencils.


Main Contributor: Sergio Pino - University of Delaware
This benchmark suite is partially derived from the openacc-npb and shoc benchmark suites.
Codes: benchmarks designed to capture the computational core of the numerical methods used by a computation fluid dynamics applications, and benchmarks that perform low-level operations such as reductions.


Main Contributor: Michael Wolfe - NVIDIA Corp. These are small sample programs used in OpenACC introductory tutorials.