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non-ufo crash and recovery

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Istrebitel committed Oct 9, 2017
1 parent 4fab37d commit 95a0546b22367749c1dd130023b454bfce0af684
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Binary file not shown.
@@ -221,26 +221,25 @@ ConfigOptionBool optionEnableAgentTemplates("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "EnableAgentT
ConfigOptionBool optionStoreDroppedEquipment("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "StoreDroppedEquipment",
"Attempt to recover agent equipment dropped in city",
ConfigOptionBool optionAbsorbingVehicles("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "AbsorbingVehicles",
"Ground vehicles absorb damage dealt to roads under them",
optionRecoverGroundVehicles("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "RecoverGroundVehicles",
"Ground vehicles crash when road dies and can be recovered", true);
ConfigOptionBool optionFallingGroundVehicles("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "CrashingGroundVehicles",
"Unsupported ground vehicles crash", true);
ConfigOptionBool optionEnforceCargoLimits("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "EnforceCargoLimits",
"Enforce vehicle cargo limits", false);
ConfigOptionBool optionAllowNearbyVehicleLootPickup("OpenApoc.NewFeature",
"Allow nearby vehicles to pick up loot", true);
ConfigOptionBool optionAllowBuildingLootDeposit("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "AllowBuildingLootDeposit",
"Allow loot to be stashed in the building", true);
ConfigOptionBool optionArmoredRoads("OpenApoc.NewFeature", "ArmoredRoads", "Armored roads", false);
ConfigOptionBool optionBSKLauncherSound("OpenApoc.Mod", "BSKLauncherSound",
"(MOD) Original Brainsucker Launcher SFX", true);
ConfigOptionBool optionArmoredRoads("OpenApoc.Mod", "ArmoredRoads", "(MOD) Armored roads", false);
ConfigOptionBool optionInvulnerableRoads("OpenApoc.Mod", "InvulnerableRoads",
"(MOD) Invulnerable roads", false);
ConfigOptionBool optionATVTank("OpenApoc.Mod", "ATVTank",
"(MOD) Griffon becomes an All-Terrain Vehicle", true);
ConfigOptionBool optionATVTank("OpenApoc.Mod", "ATVTank", "(MOD) Griffon becomes All-Terrain",
ConfigOptionBool optionCrashingVehicles("OpenApoc.Mod", "CrashingVehicles",
"Vehicles crash on low HP", false);
} // anonymous namespace
@@ -70,8 +70,8 @@ bool AgentTileHelper::canEnterTile(Tile *from, Tile *to, bool, bool &, float &co
// Agents can only move to and from scenery
sp<Scenery> sceneryFrom = from->intactScenery;
sp<Scenery> sceneryTo = to->intactScenery;
sp<Scenery> sceneryFrom = from->presentScenery;
sp<Scenery> sceneryTo = to->presentScenery;
if (!sceneryFrom || !sceneryTo)
return false;
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ bool AgentTileHelper::canEnterTile(Tile *from, Tile *to, bool, bool &, float &co
auto checkedTile = map.getTile(checkedPos);
sp<Scenery> checkedScenery = checkedTile->intactScenery;
sp<Scenery> checkedScenery = checkedTile->presentScenery;
if (checkedScenery &&
checkedScenery->type->tile_type == SceneryTileType::TileType::PeopleTubeJunction)
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
#include "game/state/city/scenery.h"
#include "framework/configfile.h"
#include "framework/framework.h"
#include "framework/logger.h"
#include "framework/sound.h"
@@ -65,6 +66,18 @@ bool Scenery::applyDamage(GameState &state, int power)
int damage = randDamage050150(state.rng, power);
if (type->tile_type == SceneryTileType::TileType::Road)
if (config().getBool("OpenApoc.Mod.InvulnerableRoads"))
return false;
if (config().getBool("OpenApoc.NewFeature.ArmoredRoads"))
damage -= ROAD_ARMOR;
if (damage <= type->constitution)
return false;
@@ -92,6 +105,18 @@ void Scenery::die(GameState &state)
if (!this->damaged && type->damagedTile)
this->damaged = true;
if (this->overlayDoodad)
this->overlayDoodad = nullptr;
type = type->damagedTile;
if (type->overlaySprite)
this->overlayDoodad =
mksp<Doodad>(this->getPosition(), type->imageOffset, false, 1, type->overlaySprite);
// Reapply tile params
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
namespace OpenApoc
static const int ROAD_ARMOR = 20;
class TileObjectScenery;
class SceneryTileType;
class Building;
@@ -41,7 +43,7 @@ class Scenery : public std::enable_shared_from_this<Scenery>
bool handleCollision(GameState &state, Collision &c);
// Returns true if sound and doodad were handled by it
bool applyDamage(GameState &state, int power);
// Handles mappart ceasing to exist (fatal damage or fell on something)
// Handles scenery ceasing to exist (fatal damage or fell on something)
void die(GameState &state);
void update(GameState &state, unsigned int ticks);
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