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A lightweight OpenBMP consumer that dumps BMP messages on a time based interval to a file in MRT format.
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Uses openbmp-python-api-message to parse raw Kafka messages
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A lightweight OpenBMP consumer that dumps BMP messages on a time based interval to a file. The MRT file can then be loaded in any compliant MRT parser. Validation testing has been with libbgpdump.

RFC6396 - Multi-Threaded Routing Toolkit (MRT) Routing Information Export Format

  • BGP4MP_STATE_CHANGE_AS4 - Peer up/down events
  • BGP4MP_MESSAGE - BGP update messages
  • TABLE_DUMP_V2 - Table dumps require the use of openbmp-mysql-consumer (MySQL/MariaDB)


Apparently libbgpdump does not support extended time mrt headers. For this reason the dumps do not include microsecond precision, even though that data is available in BMP. This can be easily updated to allow either non-ET or ET messages by configuration.

BGP4MP Support

State change messages as well as update messages are logged in MRT BGP4MP format. Considering the feed is from a message bus (kafka) which may have existed for a while, there is a chance that BMP PEER UP/DOWN messages are not seen because those were sent a while back. In this case UPDATE messages are still received but since the UP/OPEN message has yet been seen, the BGP4MP_MESSAGE_AS4 header will have Local AS Number set to zero and Local IP Addresss set to loopback ( or ::1). This has no impact on BGP parsing. Once the PEER UP/DOWN messages are seen, the local variables will be populated.

It should be noted that Interface Index is always zero. We can populate this, but is it really needed? If so, please submit an issue asking for it. You can also do a pull request to submit a change.


MRT TABLE_DUMP_V2 is a SNAPSHOT in time per COLLECTOR --> ROUTER --> PEER. This requires continual state tracking in order to know which NLRI's (by address family) are current (not withdrawn) for the snapshot period. MySQL Consumer is used to handle the state tracking. TABLE_DUMP_V2 is enabled by configuration.


You can either run the code within the git directory or you can install it in your python path.

If you are going to run it within the git directory, see running instructions.

Install Dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip libsnappy-dev
sudo pip install python-snappy
sudo pip install kafka-python
sudo pip install mysql-connector-python
sudo pip install pyyaml

git clone
cd openbmp-python-api-message
sudo python install

Installation of openbmp-python-api-message library is shown above.

Mac OS and for the Latest Python MySQL connector

Download the latest for many platforms from:


git clone
cd openbmp-mrt
sudo python install


Configuration is in YAML format. See src/etc/openbmp-mrt.yml for configuration example and details.


If you install the python code, then you should be able to run from a terminal

openbmp-mrt -c <configuration file>

If you are running from within the git directory, you can run it as follows:

PYTHONPATH=./src/site-packages python src/bin/openbmp-mrt -c src/etc/openbmp-mrt.yml


Usage: src/bin/openbmp-mrt [OPTIONS]

  -h, --help                  Print this help menu
  -c, --config                Config filename (default is sys.prefix/etc/openbmp-mrt.yml)


Configuration is in YAML format via the openbmp-mrt.yml file. See the file for details.