Process for building the OpenBazaar 1.0 executables on OSX, Linux and Windows
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In this repository we'll have the scripts necessary to create binary distributions for different operating systems. The goal here is to have a 1-step build process.

You need of the follow dependencies:

  • wine
  • nodejs (npm executable)
  • grunt
  • grunt-electron-debian-installer

(optional) upx and ucl to optimize standalone executable

Install them on brew (OSX) or do a query on your Linux package manager.

This repository is not to install the software, but to BUILD the installer itself. We will make downloadable installer executables available at

This creation script has only been tested running on OS X Yosemite, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04.


  • ./ linux64 (64-bit)
  • ./ linux32 (32-bit)


To build the Windows installer on Linux and OSX you can run:

  • sh win32 (32-bit)
  • sh win64 (64-bit)


./ osx