A simple Ruby client for the OpenCage geocoder
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OpenCage Geocoder

A ruby client for the OpenCage Data geocoder API.


$ gem install opencage-geocoder

Or in your Gemfile:

source 'https://rubygems.org'

gem 'opencage-geocoder'

Create an instance of the geocoder, passing a valid OpenCage Data Geocoder API key:

require 'opencage/geocoder'

geocoder = OpenCage::Geocoder.new(api_key: 'your-api-key-here')

Pass a string containing the query or address to be geocoded to the geocode method:

geocoder.geocode("82 Clerkenwell Road, London")
# => [ 51.5221558691, -0.100838524406 ]

You can also reverse_geocode to get an address from a pair of coordinates:

geocoder.reverse_geocode(51.5019951, -0.0698806)
# => 'Bermondsey Wall West, Bermondsey, London Boro ...

# input type is flexible
geocoder.reverse_geocode([51.5019951, '-0.0698806'])
# => 'Bermondsey Wall West, Bermondsey, London Boro ...