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OpenClinica is open source software for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Data Management (CDM). It optimizes clinical trial workflows and maximizes data quality in a smart and secure fashion. Use OpenClinica for:

  • Building studies
  • Creating eCRFs
  • Designing rules/edit checks
  • Scheduling patient visits
  • Capturing eCRF data from study sites via the web
  • Monitoring and managing clinical data
  • Audit trails and electronic signatures
  • Role-based access controls
  • Import/Export of Data
  • Extracting data for analysis and reporting
  • and much more!

OpenClinica 3 vs 4

OpenClinica 4 is the latest generation of OpenClinica, available as a hosted service from OpenClinica LLC. For more information, see or contact OpenClinica for a demonstration. OC4 offers an elegant, user-friendly study design and execution experience, with features like drag-and-drop study design, mobile-friendly forms, form autosave, and much more. It departs from the monolithic application model of OC3 and utilizes a multi-tenant, microservices model optimized for the cloud.

The core 'runtime' environment for OC4, in the 4.x/master branches of this repository, is open source and you may review the code herein. It's currently not in a state where it can be deployed and used locally very easily, as it relies on many other components for study build, authentication, forms, etc. not all of which are open source.

Here's a blog post describing OC4 and some of the majore differences from OC3: Parts 1, 2, and 3.

New features, improvements, and fixes are being rapidly added to OpenClinica 4.

OpenClinica 3 is the world's most widely used open source clinical trial software for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Clinical Data Management (CDM). It can be downloaded and used in a stand-alone fashion. Download the latest version (free registration required) or check out the code from the latest 3.x branch in this repository (e.g. 3.15).

OpenClinica 3 is actively maintained, however for the most part major new features are only being added to OC4.

Getting Started

Report an Issue or Request a feature

To report an issue or request a feature please submit a ticket on Jira or start a discussion on the OpenClinica Forum.

If you believe you've discovered a security flaw or vulnerability, please email

##OpenClinica 3 Screenshots Imgur ##Imgur


GNU LGPL license


OpenClinica is the world's first commercial open source clinical trial software for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Clinical Data Management (CDM).




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