OpenClinica is the world's first commercial open source clinical trial software for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Clinical Data Management (CDM).
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OpenClinica is an open source software for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Data Management (CDM) used to optimize clinical trial workflow in a smart and secure fashion. Use OpenClinica to:

  • Build studies
  • Create eCRFs
  • Design rules/edit checks
  • Schedule patient visits
  • Capture eCRF data from study sites via the web
  • Monitor and manage clinical data
  • Audit trails and electronic signatures
  • Role-based access controls
  • Import/Export Data
  • Extract data for analysis and reporting
  • and much more!

Getting Started

Request a feature

To request a feature please submit a ticket on Jira or start a discussion on the OpenClinica Forum.

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GNU LGPL license