Activity Stream Notifier and Infinite Scroll
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Enhanced Activity Stream for IBM Connections Cloud

Activity Stream Notifier and Infinite Scroll


1. Activity stream notifier -

Plugin to indicate whether there are new updates, and how many new updates are there, in the activity stream. Originally written for Connections on-prem, works for Connections Cloud without any changes.

  1. Shows a button with 'X New Posts' at the top of the news feed (screenshot below)
  2. Updates the page title, which lets you see if there are any updates without switching to the tab. (Also makes the tab glow if it is pinned - as seen on Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  3. Ignores any comments or likes created by the user themselves as new updates.


The script first checks to see if it's in Homepage on load. Then it finds the RSS feed URL for the currently selected updates stream (Discover, I'm following, etc). It then periodically polls said RSS feed to retrieve any entries since the time the page was loaded. If it finds any new entries, it shows a bar-button at the top indicating the number of new updates and updates the document.title allowing you to see if there are any updates without having to switch to the tab.

2. Activity Stream Infinite Scroll - /as-infinite-scroller

Infinite scrolling for the activity stream.


By generating a click event on the "Show More" button when the user scrolls to a certain point from the bottom of the page.

To use

Simply create an extension in your org using the extension.json file.


Also works in IBM Connections 5+ on-premise if the files from the extension are included in the header.jsp