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Infinite* height mod for Minecraft
Java Kotlin
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Cubic Chunks Minecraft Mod

Build Status

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This MinecraftForge mod extends Minecraft height and depth. The only limitation is size of 32-bit integer.

Cloning the repository

Note: you need git installed to do that

git clone --recursive

You need a git submodule for the project to compile. If you don't yet have the submodule but already cloned the repository:

git submodule update --init --recursive

To get latest version of the submodule:

git submodule update --recursive --remote

Compiling the mod

Note: on windows you need to run these commands without ./

This command:

./gradlew build

Should be enough to build the mod, but if there are any issues, run ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace before ./gradlew build. The mod uses information from git repository to generate version number. Make sure you have the git repository before compiling.

Setting up development environment

Note: on windows you need to run these commands without ./

IntelliJ IDEA


./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

then import it as gradle project into IDEA (if you already have something open, use File->new->project from existing sources) Then run:

./gradlew genIntellijRuns

To be able to run the mod from within IDE. Then edit the generated run configurations and set use classpath of module to CubicChunkc_main Then refresh gradle project in IDEA.

For development in IntelliJ IDEA the MinecraftDev plugin is recommended.

Other IDEs:

Importing cubic chunks should be the same as any other Forge mod. If the IDE has gradle integration, import the mod as gradle project after setting up development environment.

To run this mod from your IDE you need to add at least the following JVM option:


If you use a different IDE and know how to setup development environment in that IDEs - submit pull request adding that information to this file.

Some other useful options:

-Dmixin.debug.verbose=true - enable mixin verbose output -Dmixin.debug.export=true - export classes after applying mixins to run/.mixin.out/, useful for debugging mixins -Dcubicchunks.debug=true - enable cubic chunks debug options -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow - some parts of cubic chunks code cause fast throw hen they fail, use when you see exception with no stacktrace -Dmixin.checks.interfaces=true - check that mixin classes implement all interface methods -Dfml.noGrab=false - can be useful for debugging client on some systems, disables hiding mouse cursor

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