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Open Data Node (ODN in short) is open source platform supporting entire process of publication, management and exchange of Open Data. For more information, please visit:

For initial introduction of what Open Data Node is (or is supposed to be) please read a post on COMSODE blog.


As part of COMSODE project, we've taken ideas from old Open Data Node, existing UnifiedViews and we are putting together new Open Data Node.

Documentation is located in following places (ordered based on impotance and preference):

  1. Home page:
  2. Source code tree on GitHub:
  3. Open Data Node in Wiki:

To make sure code matches documentation, having it together with source code is preferable. If that is not feasible for some reason, the next best thing is ODN space in's Confluence Wiki.

Architecture and Design

Architecture of Open Data Node is maintained in public Confluence Wiki at:


For details about releases of Open Data Node, see Open Data Node Releases.


For instalaltion and upgrade instructions, please take a look at Install and Upgrade Manual.


ODN consists of several modules, each with its own license. But overall, ODN is free and open-source.

For more information, please see: