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OpenDevin: Code Less, Make More

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Welcome to OpenDevin, a platform for autonomous software engineers, powered by AI and LLMs.

OpenDevin agents collaborate with human developers to write code, fix bugs, and ship features.

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⚑ Getting Started

The easiest way to run OpenDevin is inside a Docker container. It works best with the most recent version of Docker, 26.0.0. You must be using Linux, Mac OS, or WSL on Windows.

To start OpenDevin in a docker container, run the following commands in your terminal:


When you run the following command, files in ./workspace may be modified or deleted.

docker run -it \
    --pull=always \
    -e SANDBOX_USER_ID=$(id -u) \
    -e PERSIST_SANDBOX="true" \
    -e SSH_PASSWORD="make something up here" \
    -v $WORKSPACE_BASE:/opt/workspace_base \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    -p 3000:3000 \
    --add-host host.docker.internal:host-gateway \
    --name opendevin-app-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S) \

You'll find OpenDevin running at http://localhost:3000 with access to ./workspace. To have OpenDevin operate on your code, place it in ./workspace.

OpenDevin will only have access to this workspace folder. The rest of your system will not be affected as it runs in a secured docker sandbox.

πŸš€ Documentation

To learn more about the project, and for tips on using OpenDevin, check out our documentation.

There you'll find resources on how to use different LLM providers (like ollama and Anthropic's Claude), troubleshooting resources, and advanced configuration options.

🀝 How to Contribute

OpenDevin is a community-driven project, and we welcome contributions from everyone. Whether you're a developer, a researcher, or simply enthusiastic about advancing the field of software engineering with AI, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Code Contributions: Help us develop new agents, core functionality, the frontend and other interfaces, or sandboxing solutions.
  • Research and Evaluation: Contribute to our understanding of LLMs in software engineering, participate in evaluating the models, or suggest improvements.
  • Feedback and Testing: Use the OpenDevin toolset, report bugs, suggest features, or provide feedback on usability.

For details, please check

πŸ€– Join Our Community

Whether you're a developer, a researcher, or simply enthusiastic about OpenDevin, we'd love to have you in our community. Let's make software engineering better together!

  • Slack workspace - Here we talk about research, architecture, and future development.
  • Discord server - This is a community-run server for general discussion, questions, and feedback.

πŸ“ˆ Progress

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πŸ“œ License

Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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