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Easy communication and media access for people with cognitive disabilities or low digital literacy.

Lead Maintainer: SteveLee

Brian Supports conversation through easy access to photos, email, videos, music, and video calls.

The Brian project is a platform that supports easy, uncomplicated media sharing and communication between people. The main user experience is designed for people with cognitive disabilities. A control panel is also provided for supporters to manage the main user experience in combination with existing on-line services for email and media. Brian manages the bridge to the end user experience automatically.

More information

The project website provides an introduction and the wiki contains detailed information for collaborators.

Project communication

Join the chat at XO code style Stories in Planned

We use the Mailing list / group for general discussion plus issues on GitHub for detailed project discussion and progress tracking. The chat room is available for less formal and realtime discussion.

For easy visualisation of project work progress we have the Waffle Kanban view of the issues.


  • Open an issue on this repository with your topic or question, providing as much detail as possible. The more we know, the better we can help.
  • Follow the Conference Code of Conduct. tl;dr: Be nice
  • Before posting, search the repository to see if there's already an issue opened to avoid duplicates.
  • If you think something is a bug or a limitation, then go ahead, post your issue. If you are not sure, you are also in the right place, or try the chat room first.
  • If you do not already have a github account it's easy to sign up.


Easy communication and media access for people with cognitive access requirements



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