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OpenFOAM-4.x Third-Party packages



Scripts for building third-party packages.

Order of execution:

  • makeGcc (recommended if the system gcc is < 4.7)
  • Allwmake (Builds OpenMPI, Scotch etc.)
  • makeCmake (if the system cmake version is < 2.8.8)
  • makeParaView


  • AllwmakeLibccmio (Only required for conversion of STAR-CCM+ meshes)
  • Allclean (Only required to save disk space)

Versions and locations to download the third party packages

Gcc C++ Compiler

The minimum version of gcc required is 4.5.0

Parallel Processing


Scotch-6.0.3 is provided with ThirdParty-4.x or the original source pack may be obtained from:



ParaView-5.0.1 patched to compile and install correctly is provided with ThirdParty-4.x but older versions can be downloaded from

but may need patching to compile (See Notes).




Building ParaView-4.3.1/4.4.0/5.0.0/5.0.1

The ParaView-4.3.1/4.4.0/5.0.0 source-pack provided by KitWare will not build and install correctly without a minor correction: lines 653-656 (650-653 in ParaView-5.0.0, 659-662 in ParaView-5.0.1) must be removed or commented from file ThirdParty-4.x/ParaView-[45].?.?/Qt/Components/CMakeLists.txt after unpacking and renaming the ParaView-[45].?.? directory. This is because the file ui_pqExportStateWizard.h referred to in

  install(FILES "${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/ui_pqExportStateWizard.h"

does not exist and cannot be installed causing the build and installation to fail.

Additionally for ParaView-4.4.0 there is a bug in the STL reader which can be patched by running the following command from within the ThirdParty-??? directory:

See also

Building ParaView-5.0.1 with gcc-6.1.0

Add support for gcc-6.?.?

The following cmake files

  • ParaView-5.0.1/VTK/CMake/vtkCompilerExtras.cmake
  • ParaView-5.0.1/VTK/CMake/GenerateExportHeader.cmake

specifically limit the gcc versions supported. To add support gcc-6.?.? replace ‘[345]’ with ‘[3456]’


The SciberQuestToolKit plugin fails to compile with gcc-6.1.0 and causes the compilation of ParaView to halt. The easiest solution is to delete the ParaView-5.0.1/Plugins/SciberQuestToolKit directory.

Building ParaView-4.1.0

On Ubuntu 14.10 and higher, OpenSuSE 13.2 and probably other recent GNU/Linux distributions there is an issue in the GL libraries requiring a change to the vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx file in ParaView: Uncomment line 30