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OpenFOAM-7 third-party library compilation scripts
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OpenFOAM-7 Third-Party packages



Scripts for building third-party packages.

Download and installation instructions

Order of execution:

  • makeGcc (recommended if the system gcc is < 4.8)
  • Allwmake (Builds OpenMPI, Scotch etc.)
  • makeCmake (if the system cmake version is < 3.3.0)
  • makeParaView


  • AllwmakeLibccmio (Only required for conversion of STAR-CCM+ meshes)
  • Allclean (Only required to save disk space)

Versions and locations to download the third party packages

Gcc C++ Compiler

The minimum version of gcc required is 4.8.0

Parallel Processing


Scotch-6.0.6 is provided with ThirdParty-7 or the original source pack may be obtained from:



If the system cmake version is < 3.3.0 you will need to download and build a recent version:

is downloaded automatically and compiles without modification. ParaView is compiled by running the makeParaView script, i.e.

  • ./makeParaView

Expect ParaView to take a long time to compile, typically several hours on a desktop computer. Following compilation, update the environment by sourcing the .bashrc (or .cshrc) file or by typing

  • wmRefresh



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