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Open GIS

Open-Source GIS Tools For The Web

Democratising Information About The World Around Us

Providing free data and tools to view, modify and collaborate on location-based data.

Current Projects

  • Waymark – A GIS plugin for WordPress that doesn't require a GIS degree! Add rich, meaningful maps to your website with ease.
  • Waymark JS – A JavaScript library for creating, editing and sharing geographical information.
  • Inreach Mapshare – A WordPress plugin for Garmin Inreach owners to share their current location on their website.
  • Map First – A Minimal Wordpress Theme With An Obsession For Maps.

Core Contributors

  • Joe Hawes – The founder of Open GIS, Joe has been working with web technologies since 1997.

We ❤️ Open-Source 🗺

Built on the shoulders of giants.

Current Sponsors

Auction Nudge Auction Nudge – Advertising tools for eBay Sellers, since 2008.
JetBrains JetBrains – Essential tools for software developers and teams.


  1. Waymark Waymark Public

    Waymark adds powerful mapping features to WordPress that are easy to use. Create beautiful, interactive Maps that you can customise to suit your needs.

    PHP 20 6

  2. Waymark-JS Waymark-JS Public

    An Interactive Geographical Information Editor for the Web. Create, share and edit meaningful Maps.

    JavaScript 9

  3. inreach-mapshare inreach-mapshare Public

    Display Your Live inReach MapShare Data on Your WordPress Site

    PHP 8 1

  4. Map-First Map-First Public

    A Minimal Wordpress Theme With An Obsession For Maps

    PHP 3


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