Upload data directly from within Google Refine to CKAN using CKAN storage API
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OpenRefine CKAN Storage Extension (for CKAN v2.2+)

!! Currently tested and works with OpenRefine 2.6-beta1 and CKAN v2.2+

Upload data directly from Google Refine to CKAN using CKAN API.

This project is a modifed and updated version of Fadmaa's work. The earlier version did not support CKAN API v3. The source code is updated to comply with CKAN 2.2 and API v3.

You can find more about the earlier version here:





  • Make sure you have Google Refine installed on your machine (see here)

  • Pull grefine-ckan-storage-extension source into OpenRefine's extensions folder (create one if it doesn't exists):

      * ex. MAC OS:
      cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/OpenRefine/extensions/
      git clone https://github.com/Ontodia/grefine-ckan-storage-extension.git
  • Restart OpenRefine


  • If you made changes to the source you need to recompile OpenRefine.

  • Add following lines to OpenRefine/extensions/build.xml:

      <target name="build">
              <ant dir="grefine-ckan-storage-extension/" target="build" />
      <target name="clean">
            <ant dir="grefine-ckan-storage-extension/" target="clean" />
  • Recompile OpenRefine source code as::

      cd {{path_to_refine}}/OpenRefine/
      ./refine clean
      ./refine build
  • Restart OpenRefine


  • Currently the upload uses CKAN API create_resource action. By defualt this will timeout for large files after 30 secs. In order to fix this; use datastore api, split data into chunks and upload chunks via datastore api
  • Better documentation
  • Code clean-up
  • We should test and fix problems with other OpenRefine and CKAN versions.
  • Feel free to contribute