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The Estonian pilot program is one of 6 pilot programs being carried out by the OpenGovIntelligence project. This pilot program is being carried out by The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Tallinn University of Technology. The purpose of this pilot program is to fight information asymmetry in the real estate market and provide an easy way to access real estate data. The pilot is intended to give real estate agents, property developers, investors, and those involved in the real estate market (buyers, sellers, renters, students, new arrivals etc.) a deeper knowledge of the marketplace.

For questions on current stage of pilot please contact:

Data for Download

Address Data:


Bus routes:

Bus stops:

School Addresses:

Cleaned and Edited Data here

Tallinn Ehitisregister (Geocoded) <-

Tallinn Address Data <-

Tallinn Car Crash Data <- To Be Added, in the mean time the .rds file in applicationDevelopment/datasets is correct. Eesti Liikluskindlustuse Fond 2013-2016

Tallinn School Address Information <-

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