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1. Welcome to OpenHD!

OpenHD uses off-the-shelf Wi-Fi adapters available for purchase online, however it is not standard Wi-Fi, which is unsuitable for low-latency or very long distance transmission. Instead, Open.HD configures the Wi-Fi adapter in a way that is closer to a simple broadcast, much like analog video transmission hardware you may be using already.

High definition video, 2-way UAV telemetry, audio, and RC control signals can all be sent over a single transmission channel.

A multi-platform Open.HD app is available for live video with a customizable OSD.

Look around, read the Wiki, ask questions on Telegram and contribute back!

2. Structure

This repository is one of the following which form the foundation of the project:

Name Description


The documentation of this project.


The core functionality.

Image Builder

The Image Builder preinstalls the OpenHD packages on a ready-to-use image.

Settings App

For changing settings remotely on ground and air unit.

3. Community

Feel free to join our growing community.

We have a OpenHD Forum, and public Telegram group with more then 400 members helping each other.

If you just want to see when new releases are announced, you can either star this repository on Github (requires an account), or follow the Open.HD Release Announcements channel on Telegram.

4. Developers

Contribution is always welcome! Start helping us by open up an issue or pull request. We recommend to get in touch with us via the Telegram group.

5. License

OpenHD is licensed under GPLv2, you can find it’s contents in this link Raspbian, Linux Kernel, Drivers are licensed under GPLv2 Original code (if found) is licensed as stipulated in respective source files or under the GPLv2 license

6. Credits

Befinitiv- original wifibroadcast, Rangarid- OSD, Rodizio- EZ-WifiBroadcast, SVP-COM,, Jelle, Vitaliy, and many others

7. Logotype

OpenHD logo was designed by KURTZ

8. Warranty/Disclaimer

This is a free software and comes with no Warranty as stated in parts 11 and 12 of GPLv2 license. The creators and contributors of the software are not responsible for how it is used.