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guyboertje commented Oct 25, 2017

These configs are part of the "adding Logstash to filebeat modules getting started experience" and therefore its very likely the first time a user will see a LS config.

For the best experience we should add a fair few comments to better inform what is going on. The user sees the nested field reference for the first time and there is a try three grok pattern scheme with two mutate renames that w


flink learning blog. 含 Flink 入门、概念、原理、实战、性能调优、源码解析等内容。涉及 Flink Connector、Metrics、Library、DataStream API、Table API & SQL 等内容的学习案例,还有 Flink 落地应用的大型项目案例(PVUV、日志存储、百亿数据实时去重、监控告警)分享。欢迎大家支持我的专栏《大数据实时计算引擎 Flink 实战与性能优化》

  • Updated Oct 17, 2020
  • Java
abh-oss01 commented Aug 18, 2020

In the "Watch now" menu for choosing preferred player, both in movie and series tab, player cannot be found listed, and as a result, I can't select it.
Yes, is installed in "C:\\Program Files\\", where other players like VLC are installed, and are selectable in the menu.

bcleenders commented Oct 2, 2020

When a user wants to stream data to a date-partitioned BQ table, the way to do this is:

//noinspection ScalaStyle
class DayPartitionFunction()
  extends SerializableFunction[ValueInSingleWindow[TableRow], TableDestination] {
  override def apply(input: ValueInSingleWindow[TableRow]): TableDestination = {
    val partition = DateTimeFormat.forPattern("yyyyMMdd").withZone(DateTimeZo

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