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Version 3.0 of the Liberty Maven Plugin introduces new functionality and configurations. When moving from 2.x, there are new features and behavior differences to take into consideration when updating your project.

The plugin is available under the new group id in the Maven Central repository.

Maven dependencies

Updates to the liberty-maven-plugin require the use of Maven 3.5.0 or higher.

New capabilities in the liberty-maven-plugin

There are new capabilities available in the liberty-maven-plugin that you might what to use when moving to release 3 of the plug-in.

Dev Mode

There is a new dev goal that starts a Liberty server in dev mode. Dev mode provides three key features. Code changes are detected, recompiled, and picked up by your running server. Unit and integration tests are run on demand when you press Enter in the command terminal where dev mode is running, or optionally on every code change to give you instant feedback on the status of your code. Finally, it allows you to attach a debugger to the running server at any time to step through your code.

Behavior differences in the liberty-maven-plugin

Removed alias goals and renamed goals

The following goal names are simplified:

Previous goal name New goal name
clean-server clean
create-server create
debug-server debug
dump-server dump
java-dump-server java-dump
package-server package
run-server run
start-server start
stop-server stop
test-start-server test-start
test-stop-server test-stop

Changes in parameter names and defaults for common server parameters

In the past, the configFile, bootstrapPropertiesFile, jvmOptionsFile, and serverEnv common server parameters had default values. If the file existed in the configDirectory though, that file took precedence. Now these common server parameters have no default values. If values are specified for these common server parameters, they will take precedence over files located in the configDirectory. The configDirectory defaults to ${based}/src/main/liberty/config. Also, bootstrapProperties will take precedence over bootstrapPropertiesFile, and jvmOptions will take precedence over jvmOptionsFile. No merging is done.

Previous parameter name Previous default value New parameter name New default value
configFile ${basedir}/src/test/resources/server.xml serverXmlFile None
bootstrapPropertiesFile ${basedir}/src/test/resources/ bootstrapPropertiesFile None
jvmOptionsFile ${basedir}/src/test/resources/jvm.options jvmOptionsFile None
serverEnv ${basedir}/src/test/resources/server.env serverEnvFile None

Order of precedence (from highest to lowest):

  1. Inlined configuration - bootstrapProperties, jvmOptions
  2. Specified file - bootstrapPropertiesFile, jvmOptionsFile, serverEnvFile, serverXmlFile
  3. File located in configDirectory (which defaults to ${basedir}/src/main/liberty/config)

Simplified server installation

In the past, if no assemblyArchive or assemblyArtifact was specified, the latest Liberty runtime was installed from DHE. Now by default, the latest Open Liberty runtime is installed from Maven Central. The new liberty.runtime.version property can be specified on the command line or as a Maven property to override which version of Liberty is installed. Also, assemblyArchive is renamed to runtimeArchive, and assemblyArtifact is renamed to runtimeArtifact. These are common parameters shared by all goals.

Changed package goal

The package goal is changed. The runnable value is deprecated for the include parameter. Use the new packageType parameter with value jar to generate a runnable Jar file. The packageFile parameter is also removed. The packageName, packageDirectory and packageType should be used instead.

Changed deploy goal and removed install-apps goal

The deploy goal is changed to handle both copying and deploying of applications to a Liberty server, depending on the status of the server. If the server is not running, the applications are simply copied onto the server. If the server is running, the applications are deployed and verified to have started on the server. The install-apps goal is removed. The looseApplication parameter has a new default value of true. The installAppPackages parameter is renamed deployPackages and has a new default value of project. The appArchive and appArtifact parameters are removed. The applications come from the project, the dependencies, or both.

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