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Welcome to the Liberty Tools for Eclipse IDE project


A Liberty plugin for Eclipse IDE. The plugin allows you to run your Liberty Maven or Liberty Gradle projects in dev mode through the Liberty dashboard view or through the project explorer view. You can start, stop, or interact with Liberty dev mode on all configured Liberty Maven and Liberty Gradle projects in your workspace.

Liberty dashboard

Maven Projects Gradle Projects
Dashboard context menu for Maven Projects Dashboard context menu for Gradle Projects

Explorer view

Dashboard context menu view

Quick Start

  • Understand prerequisites
  • Install Liberty Tools.
  • Install your Maven or Gradle application.
  • Open the Liberty dashboard view by clicking on the Open Liberty icon on the toolbar, or open the project explorer view.
  • Right-click on your application in the Liberty dashboard to view the available action commands, or, if you are using the project explorer view, right-click on your application and select the Run As entry on the menu to view the available Liberty launch shortcuts.

For detailed instructions on how to use the Liberty dashboard context menu commands or the Liberty launch shortcuts provided thought the project explorer view, check out the User Guide page.


  • View supported projects in the dashboard.
  • Start/Stop dev mode.
  • Start dev mode with custom parameters.
  • Start dev mode in a container.
  • Start dev mode with the debugger attached.
  • Run tests.
  • View test reports.
  • Code with language assistance in the following configuration and application files:
    • server.xml, server.env, Liberty configuration files
    • Jakarta EE 9.x APIs in Java files
    • MicroProfile APIs in and Java files

Code completion in server.xml files helps you quickly edit your Liberty runtime configuration.

Liberty Config Language Server completion

Similar code assistance is provided for files (and server.env though not shown):

Liberty Config Language Server completion

Helpful code snippets are provided in Java files for Jakarta EE APIs such as Jakarta RESTful Web Services.

Eclipse LSP4Jakarta completion

Code completion for files helps you easily set properties for MicroProfile APIs.

Eclipse LSP4MP completion

Editing assistance for configuration and application files is provided through the following language server projects, which this project consumes. For more information, see the documentation for these projects.

Action Commands

Action Command Description
Start Starts dev mode.
Start... Opens the Run Configurations dialog to customize and run dev mode. Supported parameters can be found in the documentation for the dev goal of the Liberty Maven Plugin and the libertyDev task of the Liberty Gradle Plugin.
Start in container Starts dev mode with the server in a container.
Debug... Opens the Debug Configurations dialog to customize and run dev mode, and it attaches the debugger to the server JVM running the application.
Stop Stops dev mode.
Run tests Runs the unit tests and integration tests that are configured for your project. This command requires dev mode to be already started.
View integration test report (Maven) Opens the integration test report file if it exists at /target/site/failsafe-report.html. This action command is only available to Maven projects.
View unit test report (Maven) Opens the unit test report file if it exists at /target/site/surefire-report.html. This action command is only available to Maven projects.
View test report (Gradle) Opens the test report file if it exists at the default location: build/reports/tests/test/index.html. This action command is only available to Gradle projects. Gradle projects only have a single action command for test result reporting.


Contributions to the Liberty Tools for Eclipse IDE plugin are welcome!

Our CONTRIBUTING document contains details for setting up your development environment and submitting pull requests.


Please report bugs, issues and feature requests by creating a GitHub issue