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OpenMAMA - The Open Middleware Agnostic Messaging API

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OpenMAMA is a vendor neutral lightweight wrapper that provides a common API interface to different middleware and messaging solutions across a variety of platforms and languages.

OpenMAMDA is a framework that adds Market Data functionality, such as order book handling on top of MAMA.

Please see the project page above for more information, as well as the mailing list for questions, discussions, and development.

Supported Platforms

Currently C, C++, C# and Java are all supported languages.

Supported distributions are listed here

Getting Started

OpenMAMA is designed to have minimal build requirements. Full instructions for Linux and Windows can be found on the wiki.


Currently, our wiki contains the most up-to-date information on using OpenMAMA. Developer's Guides are also hosted on our Documentation page.


Information on contributing on the project can be found on our Get Involved page.


The OpenMAMA library is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public license version 2. Please see COPYING for full licence text.