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StreamDeckSharp is a simple (unofficial) .NET interface for the Elgato Stream Deck

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Recent Changes

Quickstart (TL;DR)

At the moment only Windows is "officially" supported.
Need help with Linux or macOS? โ†’ Wiki: Supported Platforms

  1. Add StreamDeckSharp reference (via nuget or download latest release)
  2. Add a using directive for StreamDeckSharp: using StreamDeckSharp;
I want to... Code (C#)
create a device reference var deck = StreamDeck.OpenDevice();
set the brightness deck.SetBrightness(50);
create bitmap for key var bitmap = KeyBitmap.Create.FromFile("icon.png")
set key image deck.SetKeyBitmap(keyId, bitmap)
clear key image deck.ClearKey(keyId)
process key events deck.KeyStateChanged += KeyHandler;

Make sure to dispose the device reference correctly (use using whenever possible)


If you want to see some examples take a look at the example projects.
Here is a short example called "Austria". Copy the code and start hacking ๐Ÿ˜‰

using System;
using OpenMacroBoard.SDK;
using StreamDeckSharp;

namespace StreamDeckSharp.Examples.Austria
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //This example is designed for the 5x3 (original) Stream Deck.

            //Create some color we use later to draw the flag of austria
            var red = KeyBitmap.Create.FromRgb(237, 41, 57);
            var white = KeyBitmap.Create.FromRgb(255, 255, 255);
            var rowColors = new KeyBitmap[] { red, white, red };

            //Open the Stream Deck device
            using (var deck = StreamDeck.OpenDevice())

                //Send the bitmap informaton to the device
                for (int i = 0; i < deck.Keys.Count; i++)
                    deck.SetKeyBitmap(i, rowColors[i / 5]);


Here is what the "Rainbow" example looks like after pressing some keys

Rainbow example photo

Play games on a StreamDeck

For example minesweeper (take a look at the example projects if you are interested in that)

You can even play videos on a StreamDeck

Here is a short demo, playing a video on a stream deck device.

Demo video of the example
*The glitches you can see are already fixed.

More about that in the Wiki: Play video on StreamDeck