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This resource began with a convening in Chicago where a dozen committed folks dedicated several days to writing the first draft. More folks stepped in to edit those drafts and offer feedback on them, or submit new lesson plans or workshop materials. This curriculum wouldn't exist without their hard work:

  • Alan Palazzolo
  • Amanda Hickman
  • Blaine Cook
  • Carol Waters
  • Dan Sinker
  • Eliot Stempf
  • Emma Carew Grovum
  • Erik Reyna
  • Freddy Martinez
  • Harlo Holmes
  • Jason Reich
  • Jennifer Henrichsen
  • Kevin O'Gorman
  • Lindsay Beck
  • Lo Benichou
  • Mago Torres
  • Mariel García-Montes
  • Martin Shelton
  • Matt Perry
  • Mike Tigas
  • Norman Shamas
  • Quinn Norton
  • Rodney Gibbs
  • Ryan Pitts
  • Ted Han
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