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M2351 Series CMSIS BSP

To experience the powerful features of M2351 in few minutes, please refer to NuMaker-PFM-M2351 Board Quick Start Guide. You can select the sample code of your interest to download and execute on the M2351 board. For example, you can try the TrustZone® technology in M2351 that provides system-wide hardware isolation for trusted software with the sample code in the folder BSP\SampleCode\TrustZone. This folder includes the sample code of TrustZone® for collaborative secure software development, Hard Fault handling and a TrustZone® template. You can open the project files to build them with Keil® MDK, IAR or Eclipse, and then download and trace them on the M2351 board to see how the TrustZone® works.This BSP folder


  • CMSIS.html
    Introduction of CMSIS version 5.0. CMSIS components included CMSIS-CORE, CMSIS-Driver, CMSIS-DSP, etc.

  • NuMicro M2351 Series CMSIS BSP Revision History.pdf
    Therevision history of M2351 Series BSP.

  • NuMicro M2351 Series Driver Reference Guide.chm
    The usage of drivers in M2351 Series BSP.


    Cortex® Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) V5.0 definitions by ARM® Corp.

  • Device
    CMSIS compliant device header file.

  • NuMaker
    Specific libraries for M2351 NuMaker board.

  • SmartcardLib
    Library for accessing a smartcard.

  • StdDriver
    All peripheral driver header and source files.

  • UsbHostLib
    USB host library source code.

.\Sample Code\

  • AttackDetection
    Sample codes for non-invasivephysical attack detection.

  • CardReader
    USB CCID Smartcard Readersample code.

  • CortexM23
    Cortex®-M23 sample code.

  • Crypto
    Crypto sample code using MbedTLS library.

  • FreeRTOS
    Simple FreeRTOSTM demo code.

  • Hard_Fault_Sample
    Show hard fault information when hard fault happened. The hard fault handler show some information included program counter, which is the address where the processor was executing when the hard fault occur. The listing file (or map file) can show what function and instruction that was. It also shows the Link Register (LR), which contains the return address of the last function call. It can show the status where CPU comes from to get to this point.

  • ISP
    Sample codes for In-System-Programming.

    Demonstratethe usage of M2351 MKROM libraries, and show how to generate a secure boot image for Secure Boot Verification.

  • NuMaker
    Sample codes for NuMaker-PFM-M2351 board.

  • NuMaker_M2353
    Sample codes for NuMaker-M2353 board

  • PowerManagement
    Power management sample code.

  • Semihost
    Show how to print and get character through IDE console window.

  • StdDriver
    Demonstrate the usage of M2351 series MCU peripheral driver APIs.

  • TrustZone
    Includes the demo of secure codes and non-secure codes.

  • XOM
    Demonstrate how to create XOM library and use it.


  • Alibaba_Link_TEE_Air
    Security TEE Air of Alibaba.

  • Crypto
    An open source library for elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC).

  • emWin
    Segger embedded graphic library.

  • FatFs
    An open source FAT/exFAT filesystem library.

  • FreeRTOS
    FreeRTOS porting for M2351.

  • mbedTLS
    An open source crypto library.

  • QinglianCloud
    The TinyTEE and Cloud Client of QinglianCloud.

  • Winbond_SecureFlash
    Secure Flash library header File.


SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

Copyright in some of the content available in this BSP belongs to third parties. Third parties license is specified in a file header or license file. M2351 BSP files are provided under the Apache-2.0 license.