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OpenPIV - what is it for?

OpenPIV is an initiative of scientists to develop a software, algorithms and methods for the state-of-the-art experimental tool of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) which are free, open source, and easy to operate. OpenPIV is the successor of the well known URAPIV software - it is faster, more friendly and much more flexible. OpenPIV is provided using Matlab, Python or 32bit Windows executable (based on C++ and Qt source).

Webinar, July 2020

Webinar Youtube

How to cite this work

Please cite our paper:

Ben-Gida, H., Gurka, R. and Liberzon, A. (2020) OpenPIV-Matlab - An open-source software for particle image velocimetry; test case: birds' aerodynamics, SoftwareX, 12, p. 100585. doi:

and the code itself:

Liberzon, Alex; Gurka, Roi; Ben-Gida, Hadar (2020): OpenPIV - Matlab. figshare. Software.

How to download the software

Please note that there are two versions of the GUI:

  1. older Matlab version, before 2014b:
  2. Newer Matlab versions, use or clone this repository

How to contribute ?

  1. Open Github account
  2. Visit our Git repositories through
  3. Fork your favorite repository
  4. Fix, commit, push to your repository and send us a pull request.
  5. register on openpiv-develop mailing list through!forum/openpiv-users

Getting started tutorials

  1. Matlab - see the screencast

  2. Read the Tutorial by Sergio Bengoechea Lozano, TU Berlin

  3. Python -

  4. C++ - not ready yet

  5. Spatial and Temporal Analysis Toolbox

  6. Pressure from PIV

Support and documentation

How to get support? Where to ask questions? Use one of the following:

  1. Google group!forum/openpiv-users
  2. e-mail to
  3. Comment using Github page

Frequently asked questions

  1. About OpenPIV
  2. About PIV parameters
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