FAQ: Where Is Data Stored?

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All your projects are stored on your own computer in the workspace directory listed below. To open it, click "Browse workspace directory" on your OpenRefine application home page, by default at


  • ~/Library/Application Support/OpenRefine/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Refine/ (older Google Refine versions)
  • Logging is to /var/log/daemon.log - grep for com.google.refine.Refine

Windows: depending on the Windows version, the data is in one of these directories

  • C:\Documents and Settings\(user id)\Local Settings\Application Data\OpenRefine
  • C:\Users\(user id)\AppData\Roaming\OpenRefine
  • C:\Users\(user id)\OpenRefine

for older Google Refine releases, replace OpenRefine with Google\Refine


  • ~/.local/share/openrefine/