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OpenRefine is a free, open source power tool for working with messy data and improving it


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OpenRefine is a Java-based power tool that allows you to load data, understand it, clean it up, reconcile it, and augment it with data coming from the web. All from a web browser and the comfort and privacy of your own computer.

Official website:

Community forum:


Snapshot releases

You can download snapshots of the development version of OpenRefine. To do so, you need to be logged in to GitHub. Then, click on the first item with a green tick / check mark on this page and scroll down to the Artifacts section to find the version that matches your operating system.

Run from source

If you have cloned this repository to your computer, you can run OpenRefine with:

  • ./refine on Mac OS and Linux
  • refine.bat on Windows

This requires JDK 11 or newer, Apache Maven and NPM 16 or newer.


Contributing to the project

Contact us

Licensing and legal issues

OpenRefine is open source software and is licensed under the BSD license located in the LICENSE.txt. See the folder licenses for information on open source libraries that OpenRefine depends on.


This software was created by Metaweb Technologies, Inc. and originally written and conceived by David Huynh. Metaweb Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Google, Inc. in July 2010 and the product was renamed Google Refine. In October 2012, it was renamed OpenRefine as it transitioned to a community-driven project.

Since 2020, OpenRefine is fiscally sponsored by Code for Science and Society (CS&S).

See for instructions on how to contribute yourself.