A Web Control Panel Application for the OpenSIPS, which is intended for both system and user provisioning. It features more than 18 tools, covering important functionalities (MI,statistics) and modules (acc,siptrace,drouting,dialplan) of OpenSIPS.
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OpenSIPS Control Panel (OCP) is a Provisioning Web Portal for OpenSIPS SIP 
Server (www.opensips.org). This software is distributed under GPL v2 license.

OpenSIPS Control Panel version 7.2.3 is compatible with OpenSIPS Server 2.3.x

A single instance of OpenSIPS Control Panel may be used to provision, operate 
and monitor multiple instances of OpenSIPS servers, in different locations, 
with different purposes.

OpenSIPS Control Panel is made in the PHP programming language, using the
generic MDB2 Pear interface for SQL database operations. Nevertheless, only
MySQL and Postgres are officially tested and supported 

OpenSIPS Control Panel currently features 3 main categories:

* Admin Class - Provision the access to Control Panel. Available Tools are

	Add Admin - create new administrator users for Control Panel

	List Admin - provision access rights (available tools) for each administrator

* SIP Users Class - Provision various information related to the OpenSIPS SIP subscribers. Available Tools are:

	Provison Users - create, edit or remove SIP Subscribers (along with their attributes)

	Provison Aliases - create, edit or remove SIP Aliases for the SIP Subscribers

	Provison ACLs - set/reset permissions (ACLs) for the the SIP Subscribers

* System Class - Tools for provisioning various non-subscriber features in OpenSIPS. Available Tools are:

	CDR Viewer - list and search through the CDRs produced by OpenSIPS

	Call Center - provision and manage the Call Center module in terms of flows, agents and calls

	Clusterer - provision and manage the OpenSIPS built-in Clusterer module

	Dialog - list ongoing calls and dispaly profile information

	Dialplan - provision the Diaplan module, by adding, editing and removing diaplan rules

	Dispatcher - provision and monitor the Dispacher module (dispatching sets and destinations)

	Domains - manage the SIP domains used by OpenSIPS via Domain module

	Dynamic Routing - provision gateway routing / LCR via routing rules, carriers and gateways

	Homer - integration with the HOMER web portal for SIPCapture-ing

	Load Balancer - provision and monitor the Load Balancing module

	MI Commands - run OpenSIPS commands via Management Interface

	Monit - integration with the Monit monitoring service

	Permissions - provision IP based access permissions via Permissions module

	RTPProxy - provision and manage the RTPproxy instances used by OpenSIPS

	SIP Trace - viewer of the SIP data captured via the siptrace module

	Statistics Monitor - viewer and charter for the statistics provided by OpenSIPS

	TViewer - generic and customizable SQL Table Viewer

Please see the doc online documentation for further details - http://controlpanel.opensips.org/.