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A better SSL cipher checker using gnutls
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by Patrick Bogen
------------------------------------ is a "better" SSL cipher checker in that
it uses gnutls, which has support for many more 
configurations than openssl. It tests potentially ~3,200 
different configurations (but does some pre-optimization 
so that it minimizes "failed" checks.)

It relies on openssl and gnutls-cli 

sudo apt-get install gnutls-bin

Example output:

	$ cipherTest 443
	Proto   Cipher            MAC        KeX        
	SSL2.0  DES-CBC3-MD5      MD5        RSA        
	SSL2.0  RC2-CBC-MD5       MD5        RSA        
	SSL2.0  RC4-MD5           MD5        RSA        
	SSL2.0  DES-CBC-MD5       MD5        RSA        
	SSL2.0  EXP-RC2-CBC-MD5   MD5        RSA        
	SSL2.0  EXP-RC4-MD5       MD5        RSA        
	SSL3.0  3DES-CBC          SHA1       RSA        
	SSL3.0  ARCFOUR-128       SHA1       RSA        
	SSL3.0  ARCFOUR-128       MD5        RSA        
	SSL3.0  ARCFOUR-40        MD5        RSA-EXPORT 
	TLS1.0  3DES-CBC          SHA1       RSA        
	TLS1.0  ARCFOUR-128       SHA1       RSA        
	TLS1.0  ARCFOUR-128       MD5        RSA        
	TLS1.0  ARCFOUR-40        MD5        RSA-EXPORT

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