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LAN Cache in a docker container

Simply expose this container on port 80, and point a bunch of domains to this server's IP address, and you get a fully operational LAN cache. Hooray!

Game Download Service URL Reference List

For a list of DNS addresses to override on your DNS server, refer to uklans/cache-domains, or the individual nginx configuration files in this repo.


To build and run, do:

./ will make a /data/ directory to store logs and cache data in.

SSL HTTPS Dependency

Warning: some services (eg, when downloading the Origin client) require HTTPS access to the hosts that we are hijacking. To avoid connectivity issues, you will need to run an SNI proxy to enable pass through of HTTPS traffic.

You can build and run the sniproxy container in the sniproxy directory to achieve this.

cd sniproxy
docker build -t sniproxy .
docker run --name sniproxy -p 443:443 sniproxy

Installation Walkthrough

Start with a clean install of Linux

Ensure /data is on a volume (or symlink) with plenty of disk space.


  • consider you have a mega-partition mounted to /mnt/storage
  • create a symlink for /data
$ sudo ln -s /mnt/storage/lancache/ /data

$ df -h /data
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2       1.7T   69M  1.6T   1% /mnt/storage

Install Docker if not already installed

  • curl sudo bash is terrible, but you're trusting my code anyway :)
$ curl -sSL | sudo bash

Get this repository

$ git clone
$ cd origin-docker

Set your max cache size

$ vi nginx.conf Edit nginx.conf:

  • Find the proxy_cache_path line and udpate the max_size parameter to the maximum amount of disk space you would like your cache to use

Build the containers

# ./

Start the cache container


Start the SNI proxy container (optional, but recommended)

# docker run --name sniproxy -p 443:443 sniproxy

Start the DNS server if you need it

# cd dnsmasq && ./


In addition to OpenSourceLAN members, this project contains contributions from @ChainedHope


A super simple docker container to run a LAN cache for steam, origin, etc






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