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What's Open Source Mycetoma (MycetOS)?

MycetOS is a science project aimed at discovering new medicines for the treatment of a terrible fungal infection, eumycetoma. The project uses open source principles, meaning that you can get involved as a full partner.

We started on February 6th 2018. Press release. One-page description of the whole idea. The first paper that serves as a launchpad.

Where to Find Things

Everything is online. You're looking at the Github community. There's also a Reddit community. There's a Twitter account. A chemist, Hung Duong, worked on the project in 2017. His lab notebook is public, as is his thesis. Another Honours student, Matthew O'Dowd, also has his lab notebook online. The molecules related to the project are all in a spreadsheet. Background to the project will gradually be placed on the wiki (link above), but each series of molecules will have its own wiki in its own repository.

What Can You Do?

Take a look at the preprint of the first paper. Head over to the area ("repository") that deals with the first series of molecules we're looking at, and see if you can help with any of the active Issues. Alternatively take a look at the Reddit community. If things aren't clear, get in touch on Twitter (vastly preferred, since it's public) or email (non-preferred, because private. It's opensourcemycetoma@gmail.com).

Who is MycetOS?

Anyone can be an equal partner. It was started by Wendy van de Sande (Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam), Ben Perry (@MrBenGP) and Jean-Robert Ioset (Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, Geneva) and Matthew Todd (The University of Sydney, @mattoddchem). Contact person on Github is @mattodd.