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The Krell Institute contributions to the CBTF project. This project consists of support for building tools based on the CBTF baseline project (CBTF: There are many performance information data collectors, components and supporting runtime libraries that may be used/applied to building new performance tools.
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The goal of the Component Based Tool Framework (CBTF) project is to create a community
tool infrastructure that provides individual tool building components to allow others
to add or replace modules, to integrate parts into their own tools, or to customize
existing solutions. In other words, the CBTF project provides support for creating a
compatible interface for components, finding compatible components and defining an
interface API which facilitates communication between components. In the CBTF framework,
a component is defined as a “black box” entity with zero or more inputs and zero or more
outputs. You may connect these components into component networks both distributed and
non-distributed. The CBTF transport mechanism, based on MRNet, allows distributed tools
to automatically become highly scalable.

There are four CBTF sub-projects that are represented by their corresponding
source repositories that comprise the high level CBTF project:

   * CBTF project contains the base code for CBTF that supports creating components,
component networks and the support to connect these components and component
networks into sequential and distributed network tools.

   * CBTF Krell project contains the Krell Institute contributions to the CBTF project.
These contributions include many performance data collectors and support libraries
as well as some example tools that drive the data collection at HPC levels of scale.
This is a fundamental, base portion of the OpenSpeedShop performance tool.

   * CBTF Argo Navis project contains the CUDA collector and supporting libraries that
was done as a result of a DOE SBIR grant and is currently being developed via a NASA
phase II SBIR.

   * CBTF LANL project contains a memory tool and data center type system command monitoring tool.


# Use a version of cmake: 2.8.12 or greater.
# if not installed by default on the build system.
module load cmake

An example cmake run script is as follows:

$ cat 

rm -rf  build
mkdir build
pushd build

export CC=gcc
export CXX=g++

export KRELL_ROOT=/opt/krellroot_v2.2.2
export DYNINST_ROOT=/opt/krellroot_v2.2.2
export CBTF_ROOT=/opt/cbtf_v2.2.2
export CBTF_KRELL_PREFIX=/opt/cbtf_v2.2.2
export MRNET_ROOT=/opt/krellroot_v2.2.2
cmake .. \
        -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None \
        -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-g -O2" \
        -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS="-g -O2" \

make clean
make install

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