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Fix 192770e: not all REV instances were renamed to VERSION

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TrueBrain authored and LordAro committed Jan 6, 2019
1 parent f4b8a67 commit 52a66e4dd3ed3831d0bfa02ecde72e6f2a491e05
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@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ ifdef OSXAPP
$(Q)mkdir -p "$(BUNDLE_DIR)/$(OSXAPP)/Contents/Resources"
$(Q)echo "APPL????" > "$(BUNDLE_DIR)/$(OSXAPP)/Contents/PkgInfo"
$(Q)cp "$(ROOT_DIR)/os/macosx/openttd.icns" "$(BUNDLE_DIR)/$(OSXAPP)/Contents/Resources/openttd.icns"
$(Q)$(ROOT_DIR)/os/macosx/ "$(BUNDLE_DIR)/$(OSXAPP)" "$(REV)"
$(Q)$(ROOT_DIR)/os/macosx/ "$(BUNDLE_DIR)/$(OSXAPP)" "$(VERSION)"
$(Q)cp "$(ROOT_DIR)/os/macosx/splash.png" "$(BASESET_DIR)"
ifeq ($(OS),UNIX)
@@ -151,10 +151,10 @@ bundle_lha: bundle

bundle_dmg: bundle
@echo '[BUNDLE] Creating $(BUNDLE_NAME).dmg'
$(Q)mkdir -p "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/OpenTTD $(REV)"
$(Q)cp -R "$(BUNDLE_DIR)/" "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/OpenTTD $(REV)"
$(Q)hdiutil create -ov -format UDZO -srcfolder "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/OpenTTD $(REV)" "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/$(BUNDLE_NAME).dmg"
$(Q)rm -fr "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/OpenTTD $(REV)"
$(Q)mkdir -p "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/OpenTTD $(VERSION)"
$(Q)hdiutil create -ov -format UDZO -srcfolder "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/OpenTTD $(VERSION)" "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/$(BUNDLE_NAME).dmg"
$(Q)rm -fr "$(BUNDLES_DIR)/OpenTTD $(VERSION)"

bundle_exe: all
@echo '[BUNDLE] Creating $(BUNDLE_NAME).exe'

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