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This is the source repository for Open Tech Strategies' LaTeX infrastructure. We use this to create headers for and add specific commands to our LaTeX documents. We know that our LaTeX infrastructure is set up imperfectly and welcome input on ways to improve it.

The expected audience for this repository are people who would like to view or use the source for our published reports. Given the .ltx file for a given report and these infrastructure files, you should be able to re-create the published report. Please file an issue if you have difficulty doing so.


If you are building a document from an OTS repository, the Makefile that came with that document should either find your installation of ots-doctools or do a hyperlocal install in a subdir of that document's directory. The doc should build smoothly from there based on the doc-specific makefile in the document's repository.

If you are starting your own document and want to rely on OTS materials to do that (e.g. if you are an OTS staffer), copy the Makefile.docspecific in this directory to your document directory (or link to it) and rename it to Makefile. make should do a hyperlocal install if needed. You can edit that copy of the Makefile to suit your document's needs.

If you want to install these materials widely so your user can access them and you don't have to manage this as a submodule (highly recommended if, for example, you're on subversion and not git), you will need to do the kpathsea and texmfhome fiddling specified in the comments in Makefile. TODO: document that install process here.


Linux and OS X should generally do the right thing with these materials. We have not yet documented how to set this up on Windows because we haven't tried to do that setup. If you're on Windows, please let us know how it goes and hjow we can improve these materials.

OTS-specific matters

  • OTSDIR: This reference to our home Subversion directory is only necessary to find the relevant revision for drafts. Not having an OTSDIR will not break anything, but you won't see the revision number in the name of your drafts.

    Possible improvement: rename OTSDIR to REPOROOT and make the revision work for either git or svn repos.

  • VIEW option: A possible improvement here would be to replace the reference to utils/mailcap-open with a variable that the user could set to their preferred pdf viewer, like $PDFVIEWER = /usr/bin/evince