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We aim to be the discussion focal point for UBI implementation globally.

Why we are here?

This site will not discuss if Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the best solution for your country... Google that. This site is intended for those already committed to implementing UBI and looking for information on how to move forward. The site will allow intellectuals in the UBI space to collaborate, contribute and share best practices for UBI implementation, as a group to the world. If that sounds like you, welcome!

Policy Briefs:

Countries Moving Forward

Project Communication

Areas In Scope:

  1. Identity Management:
    1. Trusted Authorities
    2. Physical Tokens:
      1. Passports / ID Cards
      2. Biometric authentication
    3. Virtual Tokens:
      1. FOBs / Passwords / PINs
      2. International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)
      3. Trusted Mobile Phone Apps
  2. Digital Currency Issuance
  3. Digital Currency Wallets
  4. Human Community Interfaces:
    1. Verbal
    2. Phone App Based
    3. Web Page Based
  5. Automated Community Interfaces:
    1. ChatBot Technology
    2. Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology
    3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology
  6. Leveraged Opportunities Beyond UBI:
    1. Project Resource Transparency Reporting
    2. Elections (Voting and Policy)
    3. Purpose Based Digital Currency
    4. Population Demographics / Tracking
    5. Automated Taxation
    6. Immigration and Naturalization
    7. Collaborative Democracy and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  7. Best Practices Road Map
    1. The First Step
    2. The Last Step
    3. Everything In Between

Areas Out of Scope

  • UBI Explanation and Justification
  • How to Fund UBI
  • Government: Types, Organization and Structure
  • Desktop: Applications, Notifications, Authentication
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