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OpenVPN project buildsystems


    These directories contain scripts to help build and
    package OpenVPN and its dependencies for various
    hardware platforms and operating systems (e.g. Windows,
    ARM). You do not need any of these scripts if you're
    building a native version of OpenVPN on a UNIX-like

    Thorough documentation is available in the OpenVPN wiki:



    The "generic" subdir contains scripts to cross-compile
    OpenVPN using mingw_w64 (e.g. Linux -> Windows).

    The "msvc" subdir is used to compile OpenVPN on Windows
    for Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio tools. Please
    note that the "msvc" buildsystem is not actively
    maintained anymore.

    The "windows-nsis" subdir contains scripts to
    cross-compile and package OpenVPN for Windows.

    Please refer to the README files in the subdirectories
    for further information.